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This is the southeastern area of Artelon, covered by an acient wood known as the Great Forest. At one time this forest was filled with huge magical Bronzewood trees, which were home to all manner of fae and magical creatures such as pixies, dryads, centaurs, and unicorns. Now there are only five such trees remaining, deep in the heart of the forest, guarded by the elves. Most of the fae are gone, believed extinct. This area is not claimed by any nation, and is mostly unexplored but for some scattered cities and small villages. The elven city of Shannah is said to be build in the high branches of those last remaining Bronzewood trees, and cannot be seen from either the sky or the ground, so its exact location is unknown except to the elves and their trusted friends.  This area is mostly elven lands, and they defend the forest against invaders. The town of Dhudesville is nestled along the seashore of the Eastern Ocean, the home of the often misunderstood Valley Elves. This area is mostly unpopulated except for scattered small villages of elves and/or humans, and the two elven settlements, and the thick forest is filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures and monsters. There are no roads, and travelers must be very careful and well-armed.


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