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This is the eastern area of Artelon, covered by an acient wood known as the Great Forest. At one time this forest was fille with huge magical Bronzewood trees, which were home to all manner of fae and magical creatures such as pixies, dryads, centaurs, and unicorns. Now there are only five such trees remaining, deep in the heart of the forest, guarded by the elves. Most of the fae are gone, believed extinct. This area is not claimed by any nation, and is mostly unexplored but for some scattered cities and small villages. The only human settlement in the area is Vanguard, a dark and forbidding place. Most every race will be found there, including those considered monsters, as anyone with coin is welcome. There are many shops there where nearly anything may be bought, sold, or traded. The only real trade in the area takes place between Vanguard and Stockad, a town of Halflings on the western shore of Lake Windrow. The Halflings trade textile goods and fish from the lake for weapons, armor, and other manufactured goods from Vanguard. They also trade with the Sleega who live in the swamp across the lake. In the hills to the north is Cragg, a town of Hill Dwarves. They settled there after their bitter civil war with their mountainous cousins in Pyrene. Both Dwarven communities dislike outsiders and prefer to be left alone. In the desert on the other side of the mountains is the College of the Survival Arts. A pass cut through the mountains long ago is the only way to reach this place. The large university was founded by a Valley Elf, and it's said that she brought the strange floating citadel back with her from another world. This place boats the largest collection of books and scrolls on every subject imaginable in the known world, and people travel from all over the world to study there. The Drow kingdom of Shir-Ka is located deep underground somewhere in the mountains west of the College, and there are several hidden entrances to the tunnels scattered about the area. There is also rumored to be a magical wood that may be home to the last remaining fae.


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